Giants Fall

Album: If We're Honest (2014)
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  • Francesca Battistelli penned this song about not being afraid and stepping out in faith after receiving an email from a young girl named Mallory. The singer explained to New Release Tuesday: "When she was 11, she started an organization called Project Yesu that ministers to girls and women in Uganda. She has raised over $30,000 for kids to go to school in Uganda. She wrote this email and said basically, 'Everyone's telling me that I'm crazy for writing you, that you're too busy and you'll never write back, but I have this organization, and I'm hosting a benefit luncheon on Orphan Sunday and I would love you to be there.'"

    "My husband was reading the email to me at dinner at a Mexican restaurant, and I was just so struck by her faith because she said 'Even though everyone's telling me that I'm crazy, the one thing I've learned over these past two years is that when we step out in faith, God does fix things.'"

    "I was just so blown away by that because so many of us say that, but to actually believe it and act on it and sort of live that crazy faith life that she was living at 14 years old just blew me away. I kind of wanted to tell those naysayers that they were crazy and they were wrong. We just really felt like we needed to. I felt like I needed to say yes."

    "What ended up happening is a couple of days after I got that email, I was in the studio writing with a couple of friends, and I was telling them that story. Then they said, 'What do you want to write about today?' I said, 'I want to write about that. I want to write about Mallory.' We wrote this song 'Giants Fall,' which is a song about Mallory. It's really just a song saying 'don't be afraid of giants in your way.' That whatever obstacles are facing you, God is with you, and it doesn't matter if what you have seems like a little, He can turn it into a lot."
  • The song title refers to the Old Testament account of the stripling David's slaying of the giant Goliath with a stone from his sling. When King Saul gave David his tunic, a coat of armor and a bronze helmet to fight Goliath, he felt uncomfortable so he resorted to his own shepherd's attire. David knew God was with him, so he did not fear the giant Philistine, despite his size and strength.
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