Super Rich Kids

Album: Channel Orange (2012)
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  • This song finds Ocean highlighting absentee parents too busy earning their riches to raise their children. "The maids come around too much. Parents never come around often enough," the New Orleans native sings. Later on it segues into the chorus from Mary J. Blige's 1992 hit single, "Real Love."
  • The song is set in Ladera Heights, a neighborhood in Los Angeles county, which has become a mecca for upper-class black families. Another Channel Orange track "Sweet Life" is also set in the same location.
  • This features a slow, methodical rap verse from Ocean's fellow Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt. Whilst Frank's neglected kid ends up experiencing suicidal thoughts because of the lack of real love he receives, the youngster in Earl's story erupts and vandalizes his Dad's Jaguar with a baseball bat.
  • Ocean soundtracked the 'Monstrous Ball' episode of American aspirational teen drama Gossip Girl, which was screened on November 12, 2012. It featured a number of tracks from Channel Orange, not least this aptly-titled tune. The commission represented the first time one artist had wholly scored a single episode of Gossip Girl.
  • This song plays over the end credits of Sofia Coppola’s movie The Bling Ring, which is about, er, super rich kids.
  • The song samples the chorus of Mary J. Blige's 1992 hit single, "Real Love." The New York-based indie TufAmerica sued Ocean's record label Universal in February 2014 claiming they "failed and refused to secure a license" to use the track.

    The label brought the suit despite only having a 3.15% share in "Real Love," a stake it secured after the litigious indie accused Blige's label of also sampling without permission a song in its catalogue - The Honeydrippers' 1973 tune, "Impeach The President."


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