All For You Sophia

Album: Take Me Out (single) (2004)
  • This song is a humorous reference to the band name: Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Serbian rebel group "The Black Hand" shot the archduke of Austria, Franz Ferdinand, in Serajevo in 1914 ("bang bang, Gavril Princip, bang bang, shoot me Gravillo"). This incident is considered to be the trigger of the first world war ("Bang bang, Europe's going to weep").
  • This was released as the B-side to "Take Me Out". >>
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  • Sam from North Vancouver, CanadaActually, Princip was a member of Young Bosnia, another group. The Black Hand was a right-wing organization: Young Bosnia was left-anarchist, though there were ties in terms of funding; some historians think the Black Hand funded Young Bosnia for the assasination of FF, not actually taking the effort seriously.
  • Tony from Topeka, KsAnother history quibble: Ferdinand's wife was "Sophie", not "Sophia", even though several other languages gravitate toward the latter.
  • Hannah from Indianapolis, InThe Black HAND, not HANDS.
  • Iara from Santiago, ChileThe band has used the name "The Black Hands" (the serbian group of Gavrilo Princip,the teenage assasine of Franz Ferdinand) to play some secrets gigs in the UK.
  • Tiago from Lisbon, PortugalIt is also recorded that he said "Sophia dear, Sophia dear, do not die. Stay alive for our children."
    Sophia was with child when she was killed and they made 14 years of marriage that day
  • Tiago from Lisbon, PortugalIn the part which goes "Bang bang the first six are for you, bang bang the seventh was for me", refers to the times Franz Ferdinand said to his wife, for reassurance (and a last time to himself) "Es ist nichts" (it's nothing)
  • Tiago from Lisbon, PortugalIn the line "Urban take the Appey Quay", Franz Urban was their driver and the Appel Quay was the street where the first assassination atempt ocurred. Urban took the wrong route, through Franz Joseph street, the place where the archduke and his wife were killed.
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