Darts of Pleasure

Album: Franz Ferdinand (2003)
Charted: 44
  • This was originally the title track of an EP that reached #44 on the UK singles chart in September 2003. It was Franz Ferdinand's debut chart entry.
  • Frontman Alex Kapranos explained to Q magazine April 2009 that "the song is about seduction and the Darts Of Pleasure that hit you are actually words."
  • At the end of this song, the band start chanting in German about how they are called "Super-Fantastic."
  • Kapranos recalled to Q magazine: "I remember we were playing the song in Prague. Suddenly three darts came out of the crowd and landed on the stage. I remember thinking, 'F---, there's a nutter in the crowd!' I wanted to finish the song and get off before something horrific happened. We were talking to some fans afterwards when these two guys came over and said, 'Did you get the darts?' They'd made these special Darts Of Pleasure for us and they'd decided to throw them onstage."
  • The German chant is meant to translate as: "I am super fantastic. I drink champagne with smoked salmon." But guitarist Nick McCarthy told NME, "what we are actually saying is 'salmon-fish,' because it scans better that way."


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