Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee

Album: Songs Of The Depression (1932)
  • This is a famous depression-era song written by Irving Berlin. In the 1930's, 98% percent of American families were coffee drinkers, including 15 percent of children between 6 and 16 years of age and 4 percent of children under 6. Some believed C. W. Post's warnings that caffeine disintegrated brain tissue by attacking the pneumogastric nerve. Big coffee companies sponsored the top radio stars such as The Maxwell House Show Boat with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy.
  • Vocals on this song were by Chick Bullock and the Three Waring Girls. It was recorded February 24, 1932.
  • Tatum O'Neal (Addie Loggins) sang this in the 1973 film Paper Moon for which she won Best Supporting Actress. She is the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award (she was 10). The film was set around the time of the depression.
  • Hume Cronyn (Frank Riley) sings this in the 1987 film Batteries Not Included in his cafe that he started just after the depression. >>
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  • Ricky from Ohsweken, -The 1st verse of this song appears in an episode of Family Guy
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