by Frenship (featuring Emily Warren)

Album: Truce (2016)
Charted: 59 78
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  • Frenship's Brett Hite and James Sunderland teamed up with singer-songwriter Emily Warren for this electro-pop banger about two exes reeling from a break-up. Hite explained that the track is all about honesty:

    "We write songs with really only one main criteria which is: 'does this feel honest?' This song is living proof, as the chorus meant something very different to all three of us so we each wrote about something different in the two verses, ironically that is the version that felt the most truthful and cohesive in the end."
  • The initial spark for the song was a touching voicemail that Emily Warren's grandmother had left for her. Part of that voicemail is included at the end of this recording.
  • Emily Warren's other songwriting credits include tracks for such hit-makers as Jessie J ("Masterpiece") and The Chainsmokers ("Don't Let Me Down").
  • The song was co-produced by Scissor Sisters member Scott "Babydaddy" Hoffmann, whose other credits include Demi Lovato’s "Confident." Sunderland recalled to Genius:

    "Scott laid down the chords in New York. Brett and I took it back to LA and we produced it out—we produced 95% of it. Those chords felt really emotional—we didn’t want to change then.

    Swedish producers make happy-sad songs, where it’s a combinations of feelings you don’t quite understand - both uplifting and dark. We like that style of music that can wrap a bunch of different feelings into one song."
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