Album: Freya Ridings (2019)
Charted: 16


  • Freya Ridings' mother didn't let her watch Disney "princess" films when she was very young, as she didn't want her daughter's goal in life to be a princess. However, young Freya still managed to fall in love with fairy tale movies.

    I'm gonna build castles
    From the rubble of your love
    From the rubble of your love
    I'm gonna be more than
    You ever thought I was

    Ridings told The Sun: "I am such a girl and I love dresses and sparkly things. That's what my song Castles is saying - if you want a castle, you can buy or build your own. You don't have to marry someone to do that. You don't have to be silent and submissive. You can tell your own story.

    Sending that message to my female fans has been one of my proudest moments."
  • When Ridings sits at the piano, she finds it's easier to write sad songs than happier ones. She told Apple Music the thought of writing an uptempo song like "Castles" was out of her comfort zone. However, this song's message of "finding that inner phoenix-like fire to come back out of the ashes of that hard time and make your life better" was something she felt passionately about.

    The singer added that the theme of rejuvenation has been a huge one throughout her life. "If you can turn the darkest moments of your life into the greatest, that's a superpower."


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