Album: Friendly Fires (2008)


  • The song refers to Le Club Showcase as a place where the clubber can "live it up." However frontman Ed Macfarlane admitted to the NME March 21, 2009 that the cabaret club is not all it's cracked up to be. He explained: "I thought it was this glamorous place but apparently it's just a tacky, yuppie club full of young girls and old rich men. Then again, the sentiment of the song is meant to be naïve. It's not really about Paris-it's about dreaming of being somewhere better than where you are."
  • The lyrics point longingly at life in the French capital: "One day we're gonna live in Paris. I promise." and "Every night. The city lights. They'll be out for us."
  • The song features vocals by Erika Forster of Brooklyn indie trio Au Revoir Simone. Forster told The Hollywood Reporter that she saw it as hopeful, even forward-looking. "It's a really universal song because it has longing bit to it, but also this innocence," she said. "It's really sweet -- the message of, 'Let's run away together.'"

    The singer added that she that connected with the spirit of the song because of how it tied into the group's name (the Simone in the band's name pays homage to the character in Pee-wee's Big Adventure who dreams of a life in Paris). "The story of our name went along with the song, and again as a symbol of love and running away together…"
  • The late Glee star Cory Monteith tweeted less than a week before his death that he had this song on repeat.


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