Album: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count (2004)


  • Many people think that this song is simply about a guy who misses a girl, but the song is much more in depth. The guy misses Emily enormously but it is impossible for him to see her. Emily commits suicide and leaves him behind. He is waiting until they meet again in heaven. This is especially evident in the line "Thunderstorms could never stop me" - now it is the closest they ever are. >>
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  • Tia from Sunshine Beach, AustraliaWow this is hilarious! you guys are all so stupid. I am a huge fan of Sonny, and I know that he dated Emily, but they broke up because things got to complicated. She didn't die? That song has nothing to do with her comitting suicide, it is just a really sweet song expressing his feelings for her.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, Ny
  • Alex from New Berlin, WiEmily is not dead. She's alive. I've seen her stuff online. Mainly on buzznet. Sometimes she denies dating him, other times she doesn't. As for who wrote the song, in an interview with DJ Rossstar, Matt Good stated that credit for the song "Emily" went to Sonny.
  • Grant from Cincinnati, Ohno i think its much deeper then that. he cant be with her cuz he has a girl friend. he loves his girl friend but he feels so strongly for emily that he would do anything for her
  • Brooke from Gonzales, LaUm, actually... I know Emily. My brother dated her.
    She didn't die, she actually wanted to marry my brother.
    her myspace used to be
    But it's now deleted. She said Sonny was too obsessed over her. And fact: She lives in Louisiana.
  • Danni from Far Far Away, United Kingdomi love sonny.
  • Danni from Far Far Away, United Kingdom..
    supposedly, while Sonny was on tour, Emily was not only being unfaithful and cheated she got pregnant, Sonny was heartbroken. [Y]x
    but that was a supposedly kind of thing,
    so not exactly sure. but to know the truth you would need to ask Sonny himself, but that's not the best thing to ask TBH. =D

  • K.c. from Greensboro, Ncyeah, Emily is still alive, she never died.
    I love Sonny as much as the next person, so I am very reluctant to believe this story, but it's the one that I've heard, and I'm assuming is Emily's side of the story.
    I heard that while Sonny was on Warped Tour '05, he cheated on Emily and when Emily found out after Sonny got back, she broke up with him.

    like I said it is really hard for me to believe since it makes Sonny seem like an ass, but it's what I've heard.
  • Amanda from Under The Boardwalk, DeEmily didn't die.

    Well, I'm pretty positive that she didn't. Last year ('07) I googled this song and oddly enough, her blog came up. (If it wasn't hers, it was an AWESOME fake, because it had tons of pics of her and friends who actually knew her talking to her about hanging out and "getting crunk" and whatnot).

    I didn't contact her because I'm not a stalker, but her profile said that yes, she was the Emily that Sonny Moore dated, but they broke up because things just happen between people: that's life. She also said something about she wishes people would stop calling her the bitch that Sonny Moore dated, because she's not a bitch. haha.

    But yeah, she's not dead, as far as I know, but seemed pretty nice and happens to be a Dior model (You're pretty jealous, right?).

    I have no idea about their ex-bassist Jon having a girlfriend with the same name tho.
  • Emily from The Bury, CtFunny story, my name is emily and i went onyoutube and search my name (i was bored) and it came up with a guy playing that song but just guitar and i fell in love with the music so i downloaded it and i LOVED the words. i always refer to it as "My Song"
  • Cody from Sidney, Ohmatt good wrote this song i heard but none the less its a good song
  • Emily from Frankiln, Tnemily is one of those songs that have a hidden meanigs in the lyrics. emily was sonny moore's girlfriend when he was 15 or 16 everybody says that she died i had no clue wheter se did or not to me when he says thunderstorms could never stop me it means that nothing could stop him from loving her i love that song
  • Shannon from Bakersfield , CaEmily did commit suicide.
    Where did you get that leukemia thing dude!?
    It's not true.
  • Jessa from Pittsburgh, Pai dont know but i like it
  • Mikey from Norfolk, EnglandYour both wrong.
    Emily died because of leukemia
    Sonny wrote this song to prove how much he missed her.
  • Justin from Alexandria, TnI love Emily...
  • Sonia from Wasteland, Njoh... my.... god! you are COMPLETLY wrong! first of all its absolutly not about suicide its about sonny and jons ex girlfriends who both happened to have the name emily... nothing else. learn ur facts dude!
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