Build An Ark

  • This was written by Paul Evans, who had hits in the late '50s and early '60s with "Seven Little Girls" and "Happy-Go-Lucky Me." Evans explains: "The way I wrote, each song was unique. I have a song that is a pretty big gospel song called "Build An Ark." The Gaithers did it, and then a whole bunch of gospel people have done the song. That was written from the heart, and that one I wrote myself. One day, I don't know the mood I was in, but I wanted to write a song. The world situation was bothering me, and it still is, and it bothers anybody with any brains, I guess, and so I wrote about it. I really thought I would look to gather up all my friends and stuff, just go to an island and leave us alone, so that song was definitely written from personal feelings. You might say I felt I had to write the song. It's a little dramatic, but I did." (Check out our interview with Paul Evans.)

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  • Joandra from Altadena, CaThis song rings true to me on a few levels.
  • Donavan from Union, ScIlove this song it is so true
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