Where Could I Go (But To The Lord)

Album: Homecoming (1991)


  • Bill Gaither, a prolific gospel songwriter, and his group, the Gaither Vocal Band, wanted to do a tribute to some of the old gospel standards of Gaither's youth. He put together a group of his heroes from the Southern gospel field just to sing on this song, including Vestal & Howard Goodman (of the Happy Goodmans), The Speer Family, James Blackwood (of the Blackwood Bros.), Glen Payne (of the Cathedrals), Larry Gatlin, Eva Mae Lefevre, Hovie Lister and Jake Hess (of the Statesmen), and bass singers George Younce (of The Cathedrals, Brock Speer (of The Speer Family), and JD Sumner (of the Stamps Quartet). Many of these singers were popular in the late '40s and '50s, and were semi-retired by this time. They had such fun singing together that after the song was done, they sat around a piano singing their old favorite songs. Gaither got some of it on videotape, which began the popular Gaither Homecoming Series, originally seen on The Nashville Network. To date, there have been over fifty videos made, and the Homecoming Series is credited with revitalizing Southern gospel music, as well as introducing a whole new generation of fans to the older artists.
  • JD Sumner and The Stamps sang backup for Elvis Presley in the early '70s. >>
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  • Donna from Norwich, CtI just love and enjoy your music. When I listen to it, it seems to sooth my troubled soul. It helps me depend on the Lord for all the tribulations I have been going threw. Thanks for your wonderful songs.
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