Album: Man Against Machine (2014)


  • This organ-drenched anthemic ballad about trying to outrun a memory was recorded by Garth Brooks for his Man Against Machine album. The track was penned by Nashville songwriters Bob DiPiero and Caitlyn Smith.

    "'Tacoma' is one of those songs that just came to life when we got in the writing room," Smith recalled to American Songwriter. "When I woke up that morning to go to the write, I was stuck for an idea to bring to my first writing session with this icon of a man. Nothing was coming to me, but when I put in his office address into the navigation on my phone, it took me to a location in Tacoma, Washington. From there the title hit me, and the rest fell into place when we got together in a room. I loved the idea of being so hurt by someone, you will go across the country to escape the pain."
  • Garth Brooks' wife Trisha Yearwood said that she loves this song so much, she wants it on her own record. "It should be mine," Yearwood told The Boot. "It's one of those things where, usually when another artist records a song, you're like, 'OK, it's over,' but even if that's a single, if that's a big hit for him, I'm still going to record that song one day."
  • Caitlyn Smith recorded her own version for her 2017 full-length debut album, Starfire.


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