Do You Wish It Was Me?

Album: single release only (2016)
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  • Gary Allan co-wrote this rising ballad with Jonathan Singleton and Andrew Dorff. It was a pretty quick writing session which resulted in an easily relatable song. "I think everybody's got somebody in the back of their mind or hope that somebody has them in the back of their mind," said the singer. "I think that was what was so intriguing about the title 'Do You Wish It Was Me.' And then after that, it was just trying to paint the picture, and it was an easy write. It was pretty quick."

    "It was a couple of hours," he added, "I was walking out of there going, 'We should do that again!'"
  • Allan used his longtime touring band on the recording, instead of a studio group.
  • The song has a universal theme. Allan commented during a stop at the Taste of Country Nights studio: "It's just one of those songs you know that when you break up with somebody or it doesn't work out with somebody and you're constantly wondering if they ever think about you or they wish it was you."
  • This had some tough competition when Allan came to pick his next single release. "Jonathan Singleton and Andrew Dorff. Man, I've always wanted to write with both of 'em," the singer said. "I had a song already that I wanted to beat, so I basically took that song and played it for them and said, 'If we beat this, we have a single.'"

    "And, then we went through a couple of their hooks, landed on the hook," Allan continued. "It was a great write. It was an easy write, and then I tracked it with my band and my band absolutely delivered. I love the track, so proud of it."


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