Run Of The Mill

Album: All Things Must Pass (1970)
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  • Mojo magazine February 2012 asked Olivia Harrison if there is one particular song of her late husband that always connects him with her. She replied citing this All Things Must Pass track, explaining, "It's a really beautiful song. It's lyrics are very inspiring - 'It's you that decides/Which way will you turn'- and always a lovely reminder of him."
  • The expression "run of the mill" dates from the beginning of the 20th century and used to describe someone or something that is ordinary in quality. The allusion was to materials or fabrics as they emerged from the production process in a mill and before they'd been inspected for quality.
  • Harrison wrote the song still feeling bitter about the breakup of the Beatles. The title, which doesn't appear in the lyrics, probably refers to the second class Beatle status that he felt he had: "Another day for you to realize me or send me down again."
  • All Things Must Pass was Harrison's first solo album after The Beatles broke up. Phil Spector produced it, bringing in a troupe of A-list musicians to build his "wall of sound." Appearing on "Run Of The Mill" were:

    Carl Radle: bass
    Jim Gordon: drums
    Gary Wright: piano
    Bobby Whitlock: organ
    Jim Price: trumpet
    Bobby Keys: saxophone

    After the sessions,
    Gordon, Radle and Whitlock formed Derek and the Dominos with Eric Clapton, who also played on the album.

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  • Lune from EarthG-d is in this song.
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