A Different Corner

Album: Twenty Five (1986)
Charted: 1 7


  • This was the first British #1 hit that featured an artist writing, singing, arranging, producing, and playing all the instruments on the song.
  • Michael said during the BBC One special for his concert at The Palais Garnier in 2014 about this tune, "I think you can tell that 'A Different Corner' is genuinely the sound of a man who's heart's been broken. I was 19 and the best critique I ever heard of that song was from a friend of mine who said, 'It's beautiful, pathetic, but beautiful.'"
  • This strong, reflective, mature ballad, awash with slowly pulsating keyboards, is totally different from the poppy sounds of Wham! At the time of its release in April 1986, George Michael was still part of the duo, but a few months later he and Andrew Ridgeley decided to split. This announcement was followed by an emotional farewell concert at Wembley Stadium in London, in front of 72,000 fans.
  • This was George Michael's first solo release in the US and his second solo release in the UK. (In the UK, "Careless Whisper" was credited to George Michael, whilst in America it was credited to Wham!). George Michael was the first solo act in the history of the UK chart to reach #1 with his first two releases.

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  • Viktoria Semenenko from Ukraine"I've never thought myself as a gay artist"
  • Vdivine from DcYour lyrics have errors. Too bad because the song is such a beautiful song. Can you please update them with the following:
    You have "I" line: "I would promise you my life." You say "hut" when it should be "but" to lose you would cut like a knife"
  • Markantney from BiloxeDec 16, To me his best song, with "I Can't Make You Love Me" a close 2nd. Great talent, RIP.
  • Ma from FloridaKeep in mind George often contradicts himself on the origin of his songs & his personal life since the 90s when he started being graphic about his sexuality. Reading a few of his interviews confirm this, plus his looney fans exaggerate things said from people who knew him. During Faith he said he'd been in 2 monogamous relationships including Kathy J.

    Then in a gay mag (GT I think)he said the foll:
    Q: A Different Corner also seemed to be about a specific situation, you splitting up with someone...
    A: Oh yeah! It was actually my first true infatuation - it involved no proper sex, nothing. Think about how self-obsessed first love is. It was me going, "I'm ready to feel this now". The other person is almost incidental - they're the victim, really. I obsessed about this person for ages, and soon after I met him he said; "I don't want to be your boyfriend". Which was a very clever thing to say at the time.

    A: Cause I was such a ----up. For a while I really felt sorry for myself, and in that period I wrote Different Corner. It wasn't even first love. It was; "I'm impatient to feel something, and I'll do it with this person".

    SO contrary to claims on the Web, this wasn't about a real relationship. But during Older a gay mag quoted him as saying he couldn't be with someone because of his circumstances in the 80s. Except that he dated Kathy then? During Faith he said how depressed he was for a number of reasons. According to above quote he was lonely & latched on to a close male. He's also spoken about his insecurities about himself as a man & his father issues so this makes sense. It's the problems with almost all gay males.

    Hard to say when GM isn't distorting the truth. Seems he went nuts during the 90s because of how his sexuality affected him. His life then until now is evidence of that and sad.
  • Rudy from Kowloon, Hong KongA different cornor, what a sad term! Everyone should faces this...Rudy
  • Tony Cook from London, United KingdomAbsolutly love/hate hate/love this song especialy in its 86 form, i know that its a love song but i atribute it to the loss of my father and hes father both of whom died the prevous year 85 my dad and i didnt get on in the last 2 years of hes life due quite a bit to my arogance being only 21 at the time youth was lost on me and he was dying of lung cancer, so this song for me helps me to come to terms but at the same time draws out the raw emotion of thoughs times wonderfull meaningfull lyrics well done george probly my no 5 favrote/dislikeable song .
  • Lance from Ingelheim, GermanyWhat a terribly wistful song, but a song that hits the inner core of someone (like myself) experiencing unrequited love and wondering if the pain of the break-up outweighs the joy of the good times forged through the relationship. Very pensive, very cathartic, very very sad and true :(
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzA very beautiful song!
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