Murder On Music Row

Album: Latest Greatest Straitest Hits (2000)


  • This duet between George Strait and Alan Jackson is a song about how the Country music industry is slowly being killed. >>
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    Julian - Oakland, AR
  • Country songwriters Larry Cordle and Larry Shell wrote this. Cordle recorded it in 1999.

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  • Beau from Phoenix, AzLucas: Actually, Garth Brooks wouldn't have started recording music if it weren't for George Strait and Keith Whitley. Yes, he does have rock influences as well, but George Strait is Garth's biggest influence.
  • Lucas from Spartanburg, ScI think this song is about Garth Brooks. The man that murdered country music.
  • Dan from Kingston, CanadaBig & Rich, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and all the country wannabes- country music is in big trouble with all the "mammy and pappy, neon jukeboxes in the back of good ole boy pickup trucks" lyrics - they all talk about Merle, George Jones, Elvis, etc. in their songs but couldn't hold a candle to any of them
  • Brian from Birmingham, AlAmen to this song, Nashville's talent poole has dried up.Id' listen to adult contemporary or top 40, If I wanted to hear that kind of so called country they try to cram down our throat and still slap a "country" label on it.
  • Randall from Chattanooga, TnHaving been a professional musician for over 35 years, I must say that this song is spot on. There are a handful of people who, by whatever means possible, attempt, usually successfully, to control what songs make the charts and what songs don't. In Nashville, it's not about ability but about marketability. They can take horrible singers and make them sound good in a studio and then promote them exclusively. The record companies are losing thei power a little at a time die to online music. It's about time the real talent got a chance to shine.
  • Terry L. Kiser, Sr from Tifton, IdThe songwriter had it nailed on the head no doubt. The song points out the downward spiral of today's music. Sex is the big seller now. And I applaud Strait and Jackson for speaking out like they did. Country music has certainly taken a dive with bands like Big and Rich (who haven't done a decent song yet) and wannabe's like Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.
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