Better Things

Album: Searching For The Hows And Whys (2008)
  • Sam Duckworth, who is Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, told the Daily Mirror March 7, 2008: "The song's about the idea that everyone in a band is out to shag someone, but there are two sides to this. If all someone wants is to be with someone in a band, the girl can't really turn round and say, 'You used me.' It's about the unfortunate vacuousness that comes with the world of bands or going to a nightclub, getting drunk and going home with someone you don't know."
  • This is a duet with Sam Duckworth's long term friend and touring partner Kate Nash. Duckworth told I Like Music: "I've known Kate for a long time, and she's done the track with me a fair few times on the road before we'd recorded it. The main thing with Kate that surprised me was how good her voice was so quickly. Unfortunately she gets a lot of stick and I don't know whether that's to do with the production or how pronounces some words, but her pitching and her tone were incredible. We did her vocals in about two minutes. We'd booked the whole afternoon session and we were done by 2 p.m. I've always known her to be incredibly talented, but in the studio I was a bit surprised with how focused and how quickly she could deliver it. I was really pleased. You know it's her. The best thing about Kate is you hear her and you know it's her voice."

    Duckworth added in the Daily Mirror interview: "Six months after Kate agreed to do it she was huge, with a No 1 album and sell-out gigs all over the world. But she popped down to the studio and it came together really quickly."
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