Learning The Hard Way

Album: Major Lodge Victory (2006)
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  • "This is just a commercial song," says Jesse Valenzuela. "I wrote it because we needed something new and fast (laughing), needed some up-tempo in the set. I was just kind of writing, and it just kind of happened.
    It opens every show, though. I like that song, it's got a little desert vibe in it," reveals the native Arizonan and Gin Blossoms founding member. "Because over the years I've driven between Phoenix and Los Angeles millions of times, and sort of memorized the drive. And I know where I'm gonna stop, and I know I'm gonna stop at Hadley's Fruit Farm and get a date shake and a turkey sandwich or something like that. And I know all the hills. It's like by the time I get to Quartzsite, I'm practically home." (Quartzsite is a small desert town off Interstate 10 about halfway between Phoenix and Los Angeles.)
    "And there's a big old gas station out there in the middle of nowhere. So I just started ruminating on the 5 or 6 hour drive, and just kind of wrote down the song when I got home." (read the full interview with Jesse Valenzuela)
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