Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Album: Dreamland (2020)
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  • Growing up in Texas, Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley had a close friend who was a big part of his upbringing. They got into trouble together, watched cartoons together, played computer games, and listened to hip-hop together. When Bayley and his family moved to England at 13, they lost touch, but a few years later he was shocked to learn his childhood friend had been caught planing a school shooting. This song finds him grasping to comprehend why his pal did such an awful thing.

    Bayley imagines visiting him in prison:

    I said to you, "Why did you do it?"
    Touch the glass, I'll feel ya through it
    Against the wall with the bracelets on
    You look bizarre in the apricot

    He told Apple Music: "I couldn't understand it. It was the first time I really understood how much things can change, that people you love can do things that you won't understand. It was a breaking of innocence."
  • You think that you're Space Ghost
    You're wanted coast to coast

    The song title references the Adult Swim animated parody talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, where a re-imagined version of the 1960s Hanna-Barbera cartoon character Space Ghost interviews a range of different celebrities. Bayley tries to fathom why his friend might see a school shooting as an act of a superhero.
  • Gotta be all that coco, ayy?
    Playin' too much of that GTA
    Playin' too much of that Dr. Dre
    Doom, Quake, where'd you get the gun from, eh

    Bayley talks about how in the 2000s the media blamed violent video games and rap music for the type of violent atrocity his friend planned. He believes there were much bigger societal problems at play such as the easy availability of firearms.
  • Bayley told Apple Music he tried to tell his friend's story "somewhat vaguely" because he has rebuilt his life and doesn't want to reveal his identity.
  • Namibian-German artist and photographer Max Siedentopf directed the video. It is a twist on the sort of computer games such as GTA and Doom that are blamed for kids' violent behavior. Bayley explained they needed to be creative as they were filming it in COVID peak lockdown. "In this case, Max came up with the idea that he could film me dancing in the park while sitting in his apartment," he said. "He was giving me direction the whole time via phone in my earbuds. It starts there and gets more and more surreal ha."

    Siedentopf is known for setting up an installation titled Toto Forever in the Namib Desert.


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