Live For Loving You

Album: Into The Light (1991)
Charted: 33 22
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  • This upbeat single from Gloria Estefan's third solo album, her comeback from a long and painful recovery for a broken back sustained in a bus crash the year before, is a glowing testament to her happy marriage with Emilio Estefan Jr. But while Gloria dedicated the track to her husband, it was actually Emilio who wrote it with noted songwriter Diane Warren (who also wrote Gloria's Grammy Award-nominated "Reach").
  • This also peaked at #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart and at #9 on the dance chart.
  • In the music video, Gloria performs around a colorfully animated Miami and in the crook of a half moon in the night sky above the city. Her husband, son, and Dalmation all make cameo appearances.
  • In 2007, Gloria updated the track as a Samba-inspired iTunes Original to reflect how it has grown in changed during live performances over the years. She explained: "'Live for Loving You' is a kind of song that really can live in many different genres. And, of course, when you do your live performances the first time that you perform a song you want to stay true to the record: because that's what people want to hear, they want to hear the hit. But then after you have done it fifty thousand times and through many, many different tours, you start experimenting and doing stuff to surprise people. So, the cut that we are doing here for the 'iTunes Original' is something that we love to do - because we just took it and really broke it down to a Samba. You know, the Brazilians have an amazing edge - percussively, I think - they have amazing rhythms. And this song really fit that rhythm very nicely. So, we wanted to do it acoustically and really cool - and like we've done many times on tour. Just break it down to just acoustic, no synths and things of that nature: just make it organic. And I love that song for that reason: because you could perform it with just a couple of bongos and some vocals if you had to. And it would still work."
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