Rhinestone Eyes

Album: Plastic Beach (2010)


  • Bass player Murdoc said of this spacey track on Gorillaz's website: "This one was recorded in my little submarine. I nicked a bit of my own 'Electric Shock' track, and stuck it in here, with a little delay over the top. Came out quite well, don't you think?"

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  • Val. from None Of Your BusinessFirst of all, I agree with everything Stella said below, so check out her comment first. Next, I would like to add he could also be foreshadowing Government activity & Media centric modern day fears.

    "So Call The Mainland From The Beach, Part Is Now Washed Up In Bleach."

    "Helicopters Fly Over The Beach Same Time Every Day, Same Routine, Clear Targets in Summer, When Skies are Blue."

    "Waves are Rising For This Time of Year, No One Knows What To With The Heat-"
  • Megan from Stevenson, Alsweet!
  • Stella from Beverly Hills, CaWhat I got from this song, was that he was talking about all of these people, (I imagine girls), who are being fake. Like fake hair, nails, contacts. I think "rhinestones" are supposed to be false diamonds, like contacts are false eye color. And "nature's corrupted in factories far away" meaning these factories are mass producing these fake (not natural) products and people are using them!
    "Your love's like rhinestone's falling from the sky" probably means their love is as fake as rhinestones. I believe he's saying that they're also acting fake.
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