She's My Collar
by Gorillaz (featuring Kali Uchis)


  • Like the majority of the Humanz tracks, this was written by Gorillaz's Damon Albarn on his iPad. He told Rolling Stone: "I usually write in an eight-bar loop with GarageBand. You can get a chord sequence that works every eight bars, something with a nice buoyance. Sometimes I put vocals on there. Sometimes I can't get the vocals that good ever again."

    "'She's My Collar' was literally written under my duvet one night in bed," Albarn added. "It's a song about the loneliness of the nocturnal journey, into the digital ether. Sometimes a tune is a very nice mirror of the situation you're in. I do a lot on the Tube, on planes. Sometimes I get the sound of the compression in the cabin. I sample it. Everybody says, 'That can't just be iPad.' Well, a lot of this record is just iPad."
  • The song features a vocal contribution by Colombian hip-hop singer Kali Uchis. She has also collaborated with rapper/producer Tyler, The Creator featuring on two tracks from his Cherry Bomb album as well as on Major Lazer's Peace is the Mission cut "Wave."

    Uchs recalled her contribution to Q magazine: "They bought me out to New York and I cut, like five different things. He (Albarn) said She's my Collar was about when you meet someone and you feel like you've known them from another life because you are on the same wavelength. Damon's song writing is very abstract and open to interpretation. You'd be surprised by what some of his songs are about!"


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