At The Library

Album: 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (1990)
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  • This was the first song on Green Day's first full-length album. It's about Billie Joe Armstrong trying to find the courage to ask a girl out, but when he did, he got rejected because she already had a boyfriend. >>
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    Jenn - Belfast
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Comments: 7

  • Sc from Anchorage, AkLove this song!!! My favorite on this album, hands down :)

    & I don't think this song is about Billie asking a girl out... it's about a nerdy guy who's at the library, watching a girl between rows of books. His heart is broken when he discovers that his crush has a boyfriend.
  • Anthony from Park City, Utthis may very posibly be green day's most inspiring song of the late 80's nd leading into the 90's
  • Dan from Kansas City, Ksgreat song, just all there old stuff.
  • Declan from LiverpoolI'd say main songs to look out for on it is this one and dry ice
  • Declan from LiverpoolYou can but it on amazon
    oh and ebay

    Its not actually that good half the songs are about (cringe) love :p

    Kerplunks by far their best album :)
  • Chris from Hammond, LaYou can get them at I think. is another place.I actually bought my Kerplunk at Best Buy and my 39000 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours at either Sound Shop or something like that.Where exactly have you looked?Have you looked at all?
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhCatchy title, witty title-BUT WHERE CAN I GET ThEIR 1st ALBUM??!!?? AND "Kerplunk!"!!!!!!??
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