Christie Road

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  • "They're songs about bestiality, Satanism and self-torture," Green Day bass player Mike Dirnt told a British journalist when describing the tracks on their second album, Kerplunk!. He was messing with the guy - most of the songs dealt with memories of their adolescence. "Christie Road" is about the place in Martinez, California where Mike and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong would go to get high.
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  • Amber from Indianapolis, Inhow can u not like Tre's songs!? yes hes a perv but thats what makes them funny... i love tre songs.. they brighten my day.. and tre is just a big of part of green day as Billie and Mike, so to say you hate Tre is like saying just anyone could replace him (which theoretically is true but Green Day would also lose a lot of fans to anything after him).. but anyway this isnt so much about tre.. I love this song :] ive heard it like 5 times today off my ipod cause it keeps shuffling to it and it makes me full of energy :D idk if i would ever choose just one favorite album, but Kerplunk is def. in the top for me.. i love every song on there, especially Who Wrote Holden Caulfield :]
  • Maddi from Buena Park, Cai dont have a fav. cd or song of green day, cause i LOVE everything that they make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only songs i dont like are the ones made by tre. he is a perv in my mind. i just HATE him so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i absolutely LOVE billie! billie and mike are BOTH HOTT!!!!!

    p.s. do u guys think that tre has a mis-shaped head?
  • Oliver from Fort Collins, Cook since those guys deleted my last comment im not goin to curse in this one. first off, i would agree that kerplunk and 39 smooth were there best albums. but dont go off saying that they are hardcore punk or even punk. because theyre not. they are their own fine brand of a special ska punk. until later when they went pop punk on us. so to all of u emos who love greenday, u can keep your american idiot, we still have 39 smooth and kerplunk.
  • Tom from Mead County, KyChristie Road is an awsome song, including that little (d guitar riff). Also the lyrics.
  • Tom from Mead County, KyI would have to totally not-agree Kerplunk is not the best Green day album. I believe insomniac is the best greenday album. Why you ask? Because it's a true hardcore punk rock album that is about there anger and drugs.
  • Alex from Gourockthis is the definitive track on kerplunk! i love it because it came out a week before i was born (strange, sad and true)and christie road just sums up how isolated i sometimes feel too
  • Geraldine from Sydney, AustraliaThis song [Christie Road] is about wanting to be alone for awhile." - Billie Joe
  • Tiffany from Oakland, Cai totaly love this song!it's one of my favorites
    and GREEN DAY ROCKS!!!!!!
  • Billy from Nanuet, Nyi love the live version of it on Comp'd
  • Caitlin from Durham, Nci got bullet in a bible the day it came out
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanI totally agree. Infact, Kerplunk is the BEST GD album EVER!!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandLOVE this song!!! woooohooo they put a fact on by me!! Kerplunk is one of their best albums to date n this is one of their best songs
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