F--k Time

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  • This started life as a Foxboro Hot Tubs song when the theatrical version of American Idiot was getting started on Broadway. Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone: "A guy in the cast, Theo Stockman, started calling himself the King of F--k. Then it got into a thing where everytime they got ready for a show, the cast members got in a circle, put their hands in the middle and went, 'One, two, three, It's f--k time!' I just wrote the song. We did it as Foxboro Hot Tubs at a club in New York, Don Hill's, because we knew some of the cast members would be there. We ended up playing it ten times in a row.
    We thought it would stay a Foxboro Hot Tubs song. But the more we played it, we thought, 'This is pretty good. Why should we give it to our alterego?'"
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  • Emily from Carson CityI was wondering that too, Hayes.
  • Hayes from Newark, OhIs he moaning? or breathing awkwardly??
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