Sweet Children

Album: Kerplunk! (1992)


  • Written during the time of Green Day's awesome immaturity, this song is about how kids get blamed for everything. >>
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    Bob - Rio Vista, CA

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  • Igor from Belgrade, Yugoslavianjaaaa ...im just kidding, course is not about heroin use !! .. but i ve whrote that couse of the lyric which is soooo WRONG !!! here is the right one ----See a young girl so soft and blonde
    Doesn't attack me but she did once
    Intoxications in her veins
    Sweet young boy plays with her brain

    Lydia'll bring to life
    What are your chance not to oblige
    Putting his hand on her thigh
    Ability has now been ripped
    Take it away, I'd rather sit

    Sweet children, sweet children, sweet children
    Remember when?

    Johnny's playing fun and games,
    or else he's in the storage shed
    Running from the light of day,
    or maybe lie and celebrate
    The funny circus from his head
    Follow me if you understand
    I'll trick her so she'll do it
    Then I'll sing and now we run

    Sweet children, sweet children, sweet children
    Remember when?
    Sweet children, sweet children, sweet children
    Remember when?
  • Kathleen from Merrill, Wi I have only heard this song once, but it seemed kind of odd when I first read the lyrics. And like always, Green Day's songs are so in-depth that it's sometimes hard to interpret the true meaning of the song.
  • Jordan from Miramichi, CanadaThis Song Is About Kids Growing Up And Pretending To Still Be Innocent To Get Away With Crap
  • Caroline from Long Island, Nysweet children was also the name for there band before green day
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