Album: Warning (2000)
Charted: 27


  • This song is about how rules are made to be broken and warnings can be ignored. You live your own life, you make your own choices. Says bass player Mike Dirnt: "You gotta make your own decisions and choices. It's not so much about what to think, it's just to think. Question everything." >>
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    Tanja - Hulshout, Belgium

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  • Sk8tr Grill from Wouldn’t You Like To KnowThis isn’t actually right, it’s ‘Better homes and safety-sealed communities’ and ‘Caution: Police line you better not cross’
  • Tomislav from Split, CroatiaWhat about a high similarity beetween this song and The kinks Picture book...it's eather plagiarism or just using the other song for inspiration...in that way they should say something about it...
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaI disagree. I thought Homecoming was better than Jesus of Suburbia.
  • Jesus Of Suburbia from Frinton On Sea, AlI Think the best Green Day song by far is Jesus of Suburbia and not just that Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest of all time but Jesus of Suburbia is a very close second place
  • Sarah from Streetsboro, OhI like your responses to what this song is about but you guys are missing the bigger picture. Green Day is a band that sings about the government and opposes the governmet. Heck they got their name GREEN DAY after a 24 hour pot smoking binge. Warning is about living freely but the things mentioned arent just random. It is about the things we have in america. Minority is the same kind of song

    Mental homes and safety self communities.
    Did you remember to the pay the utility?
    Gosh Darn Police Line You Better Not Cross!
    Is it the cop, or am I the one thats really dangerous?
    Sanitation, expiration date, question everything.
    Oh shut up and be a victim of authority
  • Erik from Somewhere, Pai agree with michael, it's a great song, but the beginning of something terrible :(
  • Michael from Tucson, AzThis is indeed a great Green Day song, but it is a bit sad. This song represents (to me) the changing of Green Day from Punk/Rebel Alternative into Sellout Corp. American Alternative. This song is definatly a different style than Dookie or Insomniac
  • Emma from Brisbane, Australiathis song was made to please me and any one who loves greenday. it was made to show the things not 2 do. if u dont know anything right watch the vidieo clip and that will tell u all the things in life not to do.
    -emma, brisbane, australia
  • Sarah from Bakersfield, Cai love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!! anthe album too o cant forget the video. wooooo i love you GREEN DAY you effing rock my stripe socks off
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a great song and a pretty good video i think green day were better in the 90s but there still punk and still good in these times i thought this was one of their best albums next to dookie nimord is also a pretty good album same with american idot there all good even there first album is great same with their 2nd kerplunk i like there version of my generation i thought it was even better then the who's version anyway unless they become the backstreet boys or n'sync i'll always love green day and i thought that was awesome when i heard that they did a tribute to joey ramone i cried when that punk legend died i love the ramones and i also love green day punk music and heavy metal are da best but punk music is defintly great i think green day should do a tour with dropkick murphys sometime that would be so awesome anyway i love this song warning and i love the album too i wish this website would get song facts for more songs it seems that they only have song facts for the singles
  • Alex from Loveland, CoGreat song with a great video!!!
  • Eileen from San Diego, Cawarning is the best song ever. i love it so much. i don't really see it as anything and it doesn't remind me of anyone or anything, i dunno, i just like the song a lot.
  • Ammy from Kc, MoI love this song. I always fellow the rules just so I wont have anyone mad at me but I love to let go sometimes
  • Paul Taylor from Castalia, NcI like the part in the video were the guy says to his boss "nice ass". ha ha ha ha ha hah. gets me every time.;P
  • Jessie from Calgary, CanadaSo were all gonna make mistakes... but the mistakes you dont make are the ones you will regret the most... This is such a great song... And the music video makes it EVEN BETTER!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI actually think the whole album is really good. Yeah its different but its great for when your feelin happy. Great song and EXCELLENT vid. they didnt do it at milton keynes tho :-(
  • Kelly from West Lafayette, InFor anyone who watches the kids show Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon (or watches kids who watch it...) the riff is the fantastic "Song" the three boys put together for the talent.
  • Ed from London, CanadaJosh, what kind of music would you recommend?

    Anyway, the video is a guy doing everything that you shouldn't (i.e. taking candy from strangers, running around the pool, running with scissors)
  • Brett from Winnipeg, Canadai think i want to see this video, this is a really interesting song, it's saying you should live life like no one gave you any warning, how life should be lived
  • Paul from Falkirk, Scotlandyeh i agree wit steph. And tht guy looks reeely funny dosent he!
  • Ben from Encinitas, CaGreen Day took the guitar riff from the song, "Picture Book" by The Kinks. "Picture Book" was from their 1968 album, The Village Green Preservation Society.
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcQuestion everything indeed only the impressionable wouldn't
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