Anything Goes

Album: I'm No Angel (1987)
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  • Not to be confused with the Cole Porter classic or any other song with the same or similar name, this Gregg Allman composition was produced by Rodney Mills and released in June 1987 on the Epic label as the B-side of "Can't Keep Running."

    If this song is about his sex life, no reasonable person could take issue with it. At the time it was released he was on wife number five! He would go on to marry a sixth time, and sired a total of three sons (including this one) and two daughters. As far as is known!

    Unfortunately, like so many internationally successful musicians, serial marriage was the least of his weaknesses, and anything goes was a sadly fitting slogan for his substance abuse. Allman spent years in and out of rehab: alcohol, recreational drugs, and as he said in an interview late in life, don't forget the cigarettes. Although in 2010, he underwent a successful liver transplant, he died seven years later aged 69, but leaving an enormous legacy including a University Of Georgia Musical Scholarship, and the careers of two of his sons who like Vesta Tilley, followed in their father's footsteps. >>
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