Love Bomb

Album: Grinderman (2007)


  • The Grinderman album was a side project of Nick Cave and various members of his Bad Seeds backing band.
  • This song includes the lyric "I've been listening to Women's Hour/ I've been listening to Gardener's Question Time," which references two programs that are regularly broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Cave during an interview with Mojo magazine March 2009 at his Brighton home, commented: "Gardener's Question Time, well who can resist? I don't listen here, though, it's while I'm driving. And then I'm no gardener, so halfway through it you think, What the F—k? Why am I listening to this? And the character in the song isn't me, he's a sexual predator who listens to Women's Hour to get tips on chat-up lines and the way women think. Songs can become excruciatingly personal so you can't help but write in a guarded way…So lyric writing is about obscuring the truth, writing in a way that doesn't really reveal all that much… about yourself."


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