Album: Appetite For Destruction (1987)
Charted: 93
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  • Nightrain is a very cheap wine that Guns N' Roses drank a lot of while recording Appetite For Destruction. Its also the drink of choice for hobos and bums. >>
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    fungus - Scotland
  • Axl Rose wrote this in 1985 when Guns N' Roses were living in Los Angeles and playing gigs on the Sunset Strip. The song is about how they were so reckless, crazy and poor that the only alcohol they could afford was the Nightrain. After every show they would get drunk and walk back home singing the lyrics to "Nightrain" until it finally came together. >>
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    nikki - sunderland, England
  • At some shows in 1987, Axl Rose would give drinking tips from the stage. When introducing this song, he would sometimes say something like: "In these liquor stores that the winos hit up, right beside Thunderbird, you'll find the Nightrain. That'll f--k up you twice as bad as Thunderbird and it's a lot cheaper."

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  • Stev-o from 92648Who was the main vocalist in the Guns and Roses song ‘Nightrain’?
  • Frankie from Sunset Strip, Los AngelesIt's about nightrain wine not drugs. Take your ass down to the liquor store and you'll see.
  • Digitel from DenverIt's about wine. Listen to the lyrics, it's not Speed/Meth: "I'm on the nightrain, fill my cup." Just like MD20/20 or thunderbird it's cheap Bum Wine.
  • Harco from Nieuw Buinen, NetherlandsJon-Jon is right. It is Crystal Meth. I have read this in a biography of Guns 'n Roses.
  • Tim from Union City, CaI love the Ritz '88 version of this (the video shown here) because Axl introduces the band members the regular way, and then ends it with, "And over here we got... actually, I have no idea what it is but it's weird and pissed off and it calls itself Slash," then Slash just comes on the stage and says, "eh, shut up. Anyway, this is a nice song about a walk in the park. It's not about drugs or sex or drinking anything."
  • Chelsea from Cincinatti, Ohone song i can't call a day wihtout hearing it..
  • John from Santa Clara, CaWhen I first listened to Appetite for Destruction, this was the song that caught my attention. Today it is my favorite GNR song. Love the outro riffing.
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlI love everything about this song! Axl's attitude ("I'm a west coast struttin...I smoke my cigarette with style") So good! The guitar's also awesome, and when the lyrics come back after the solo. A very fun song.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxIt's funny, I never really cared for this song when the album came out. Many years later, in college, one night me and a couple of buds were really hammered, and one of them brought up the idea of calling it a night. I said "Hell no!! Im on a nighttrain!!" We all died laughing and that became our way of saying we were getting smashed for the rest of college.
  • Peter from Nyc, NyWho the hell said that this song is about amphetamine? It's about Nightrain wine produced by Gallo, Inc. the same company that distributes Ripple, Thunderbird, and MD 20/20. Everyone knows that. Listen to the lyrics: "....put on ya clothes and take yo' credit card to the LIQUOR STORE..." "...I'm on the Nightrain...FILL MY CUP...."
  • Sean from Miami, FlTHIS IS GNR"S BEsT SONG EVER. Dont beleive me? cmon. it has to be. it has awesome lyrics, a catchy tune, 2! count um, 2! shredding, facemelting, gutbustin guitar solos that own! Slash is my favorite guy in the band (well he was in the band). The original GNR lineup was the best and only good one. I'm finished with my rant... continue...
  • Mr.goodtimes from Edmonton, Canadajon jon you are wrong wrong

    i dont know why they deleted my other post but whatever...the song has nothing to do with amphetamine, and everything to do with getting wasted on cheap wine strutting the sunset strip with a couple handfuls of loose change.
  • Jon-jon from Jhb , South AfricaYou guys have it all wrong , the song is about the Drug Speed (night train ) it is also known as Crystal Meth , cheap and nasty and keeps you awake for days , but when you come down you crash and burn !!! Read the lyrics and you will see what i am on about .
  • Niko from Odense, DenmarkNightrain is the only single out of the Appetite for Destruction singles that was released as a single but didn't have a video (other singles: Welcome to The Jungle, Paradise city, It's so easy and Sweet Child O' Mine). Please correct me if i'm wrong.

  • Will from Redlands, CaThe Best Guns n f***ing Roses song EVER!!! No complaints about this song, great solo, strong lyrics, perfect voice by AXL. GREAT SONG!!
  • Sean from Brockton, MaGreat song to listen to when you're on the stairmaster or any exercise equipment; "Ready to crash and burn, I'll never learn, I'm on the Nighttrain"
  • Darren from Bombay, IndiaThe intro is wonderful and melodic...this is ond of my favourite classic gnr songs...the guitar solo is great and on the use your illusion 1 dvd as well as the original....
  • Nash from Carmarthen, WalesLive version's awesome. Probably the best GnR song to put at the beginning of a concert.
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruThe solo in the end is genius. This is one of the best Gn'R songs ever. Hit #17 on the U.K.
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