Album: Into the Wild Life (2015)
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  • The lead single from Into The Wild Life, this was released on January 12, 2015. Singer Lzzy Hale told The Pulse of Radio that the song strikes a middle ground between the band's older material and the new directions they explore on the album. "I didn't want to scare you guys too much with the first single [laughs], so we decided to go with this one," she said. "But there's a lot on this record that… I don't know, you just kind of throw caution to the wind, and there's a certain freedom that comes with that. But then there's also this kind of, there's a nervousness. But, you know, bottom line is that we came out with a record that we're really proud of."
  • Asked about the meaning of the Into The Wild Life album title by FaceCulture, guitarist Joe Hottinger replied: "We actually wrote a song Lzzy and I called 'Into The Wild Life.' It's not on the record… It wasn't right for the record. We have it. It's there. Maybe we'll use it some day. Maybe not. I don't know."

    "But, really, it's just about… We're literally doing what we've always dreamed of doing, and we're having a lot of fun doing it. We're going around the world, meeting crazy people, having great parties all over the place… We're having so much fun, and we have a great crew that's like our family, and we hang out with them when we can. And it's just amazing that we've kind of had this dream, and fifteen-plus years later, we're still doing it, still just trying to take one foot… step in front of the other and keep it going. And we're having a damn good time doing it."
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