Beautifully Strange

Album: Beautifully Strange (2009)
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  • Halfdown Thomas lead singer Randy Ayers checked in with the story behind this song. Says Ayers: "'Beautifully Strange' was actually written about my wife. My wife has the uncanny ability to go from socially buzzing to completely crap-faced drunk in one drink. I used to tell her it was the strangest thing I had ever seen. She would get all dressed up to go whereever we were going, be having a good time, and the next thing you know she would be passed out on the table, or in someone's face about how stupid they were! LOL! That was what made me think of the phrase 'beautifully strange.'"
  • Beautifully Strange was the third Halfdown Thomas album, and it required a do-over. The band recorded it in New Orleans, and Hurricane Katrina wiped out their studio along with the master recordings for the album. They rerecorded the tracks in 2007, finally releasing the album in 2009.
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