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  • "3AM" details Halsey's insecurities after a night of partying. The alcohol has seriously affected her mental state and made her feel vulnerable. Despite the early hour, Halsey goes through her contacts book and calls people up because she wants to feel loved.

    Cause it's 3 a.m.
    And I'm callin' everybody that I know
    And here we go again
    While I'm runnin' through the numbers in my phone

    Halsey wrote the "r u up?" anthem about an actual experience. The singer explained she "was dying to talk to literally ANYONE," because she didn't want to sit with her own thoughts. After realizing, "hmm this is... bad," she wrote a song about it.
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith laid down the percussion for this track.
  • Greg Kurstin supplied the production. His other collaborations with Halsey include "Strangers," plus the Manic tracks "Finally // Beautiful Stranger" and "You Should Be Sad."
  • The outro features a voice recording of John Mayer, who encourages the pop star about "Without Me." He predicted the song would be huge even before Halsey had confidence in it.


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