Perfect Goodbye

Album: Jupiter's Darling (2004)
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  • Nancy Wilson: "To me, this carries the theme of "Make Me" to the next stage, where you've reached that point in a relationship where you don't want to waste any more time. You want to find a way to get away clean, but it just doesn't exist because love is messy."
  • Ann Wilson: "we've done this song on tour and I love singing it live. I can really connect with how heartbreaking it is trying to end something, but never quite getting there." >>
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    Shanny - Detroit, MI, for above 2
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  • Kayla from D-ville, GaI love this song!!!! It has so much passion to it. The song say's it all! If you were in a really bad relationship and you just broke it off and just let go, then that was the "Perfect Goodbye" for you. I LOVE HEART and Nancy and Ann Wilson sing this perfectly. :)
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