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  • "16" tells the heartbreaking true story of Highly Suspect frontman Johnny Stevens falling in love for the first time at 16 years old. After seven years together, his girlfriend told him the joyful news she was pregnant with their baby. However, at the moment of the birth, Stevens was devastated to learn that the baby was a different race and therefore wasn't his.
  • The song topped Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart despite being described by the press release as "completely guitar free." It was Highly Suspect's second #1 on the survey following 2016's "My Name Is Human."

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  • Tracy from Nd Its a beautiful but really sad song, i liked the video until the end , i was confused of what happened , but ir was very deep thank you
  • Tara from IdahoGod I love this song so much!
  • Serena from Gallup this song from highly suspect is really cool i like it good job on the song but it is sad that the child wasnt his
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