Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)


  • This worship anthem was penned by Hillsong United head Joel Houston and Aodhan King, who is the songwriter and worship leader for Hillsong Young & Free. The song was released on January 11, 2019 alongside a live performance video.
  • The lead vocalist is Taya Smith, who also was the main singer on Hillsong United's Dove Song of the Year "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)."
  • Talking about the song's theme Joel Houston said, "The only reason we can let go is because God holds us. And not just us, but the very ground that we stand on. Grace owns the ground, the grave, the depths, so we can let go of everything and just trust him."
  • When Aodhan King and Joel Houston started the writing session that produced this song, their aim was to come up with something original. The duo wanted a theme that was central to what Christians believe but hasn't been spoken about much.

    King explained to NewReleaseToday: "What we sometimes forget is that we were broken and that God died for us so that we could be whole and healed. Jesus went to the cross with our sins and died and He carried everything we had done and would do in the future to the cross so that we could live with Him forever."

    As King and Houston wrestled with the theme they chopped and changed the words. King said: "It's so significant from the things we experience in life, whether emotional heartbreaks or the truth of what Jesus did for us, that affect our hearts. We changed the lyrics many times to try to get the song just right."

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  • AnonymousI just wondered what scriptures were used for reference? Specifically for the “lifted up, and my knees know it’s all for Your glory” line. Could you interpret what exactly that means please? Also what is meant by “age-old gates?”
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