Wings Of A Butterfly
by HIM

Album: Dark Light (2005)
Charted: 10 87


  • Lead singer Ville Valo has explained this song at concerts. He says that the song is about how you cannot have something new without sacrificing something to get it. In some cultures, it is believed that butterfly wings can lead to immortality, and the song asks if you are willing to destroy something to get what you want. >>
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    Tonya - Sebring, FL
  • Ville Valo told us how this song came together. "We just wanted to copy the main vibe of The Cult and The Mission," he said. "We had the idea for the song, and then it sounded really mediocre. We played the idea to Tim Palmer, the producer. We were recording in Silverlake in Los Angeles, and we rented this beautiful old mansion called Paramour. The song really happened because we just changed a couple of the little doodles on the guitar and figured out the entire arrangement."

    "That was one of the songs that we thought sounded okay, but was nothing spectacular until we got it really together at the studio," he continued. "So on occasion stuff like that can happen, too. That makes music interesting, at least for me. Because it's not exactly the same journey each and every time." (here's the full Ville Valo interview.)

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  • Cheyenne from Prentice, WiI love this song, i also have a Heartagram with butterfly wings tattooed on my leg, this song has alot of truth in it.
  • Angela from Cartersville, Gai agree with him a 100% on this what its about and all so when i hear this song i just think about what it meANs
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txyeah i deffinately agree with the whole toas idea it sounds great!!!!!!!!!
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