Austin Winkler Lead vocals2001-2013
Joe Garvey Lead guitar 2001-
Cody Hanson Drums 2001-
Mark KingRhythm guitar, vocals2003-
Mike RoddenBass, vocals2003-
Nolan NealLead vocals2014-2015
Marshal DuttonLead vocals2015-

Hinder Artistfacts

  • While working on Hinder's fourth album in 2012, drummer Cody Hanson explained that the band was having some difficulties finishing the record due to disputes with their record label. Hanson said the experience had "created a little bit of pain" but humored his comment by adding "I guess that's part of the game, right?"
  • The boys in Hinder generally write songs by recording rough acoustic demos before going into the studio to create full-on rock productions. Drummer Cody Hanson says they'll listen to these rough demos and pick which ones they want to record better quality versions of for their albums, unless there's something that really stands out and needs to be fleshed out right away.
  • Of all the struggles Hinder has faced as a professional band, drummer Cody Hanson says the biggest one is when there are "too many cooks in the kitchen." Although Hanson realizes that the band's label wants to have input into their creative process, he believes "If we could do the things that we wanted to do as a band without other people getting involved, I think the thing would run better and I think we'd be in a different spot."
  • Music journalists love to lump Hinder into a category with other bands in the active rock and hard rock genres, such as Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, and 3 Doors Down. Ironically, the band doesn't mind the comparisons. When we talked to Hinder drummer Cody Hanson in 2012, he told us that he's cool with being compared to Nickelback because "they're the biggest band in the world."
  • After the success of their 2006 single "Lips Of An Angel" from their 2005 debut album Extreme Behavior, Hinder went into the studio to record their sophomore effort. Unfortunately, the band did not receive the same level of promotional support for 2008's Take It to the Limit, and, as a result, did not enjoy the same level of critical and commercial success. Drummer Cody Hanson described the experience as being similar to "having the rug pulled out from under them" and says the band "didn't expect that."
  • In December 2007, Hinder lead singer Austin Winkler was arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving home in his friend's SUV while intoxicated. Winkler was originally pulled over in Jonesboro, Arkansas because his headlights were not on. The police officer soon realized that he had alcohol on his breath. Winkler blew more than twice the legal limit, was arrested, and was sent to appear in court the following month.
  • In November 2007, Hinder was given the Rising Star Award from the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Hall. Other famous inductees from the late '00s include The All-American Rejects (2008,) Carrie Underwood (2009,) and Kristin Chenoweth (2011.)
  • Austin Winkler took a leave of absence from Hinder's national tour in 2013 citing personal reasons and reportedly entered rehab at the time. The band continued on without him with the help of fill-in vocalists like Saving Abel's Jared Weeks. Later in the year, on November 20th, it was announced that the band had parted ways with Winkler.


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