Bad Mistakes

Album: Ozone Park (2019)
  • Hollis Brown is a rock group from Queens, New York with a gritty work ethic. After years of touring, they took about a year off to write and record their Ozone Park album with producer Adam Landry. "Bad Mistakes" was released ahead of the album; lead singer Mike Montali told us about it in a track by track: "Riff-rock classic with a certain edge and meanness missing in today's music. Catchy hook with a verse that rambles. The words are a bit of a tantrum, still not sure what they all mean but I know we have made some bad mistakes at one point or another."
  • Little Steven Van Zandt digs this track: he named it "Coolest Song in the World" on his SiriusXM Underground Garage show on April 22, 2019.


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