Hear Me Now

Album: American Tragedy (2010)


  • This is the first single from the Los Angeles Rap-Metal band Hollywood Undead's sophomore album. The song is sung from the viewpoint of someone that has faced a great deal of adversity in his life and now has little hope for the future.
  • Guitarist J-Dog told Noisecreep as part of an in the studio interview that the album was being made on the cheap: "We are in the studio, and our studio right now is basically our bedrooms, for the most part," he told the site. "It keeps the costs down. We went to big studios and spent thousands of dollars every day for our last record, since we didn't know any better and the label was paying for it. Now we do the writing at our house. We will take it to producer when we're done writing. I sleep in my studio, on Oralex, the foam that pads the room. It's like egg-crate foam."
  • J-Dog explained the song's meaning during an interview with Artist Direct: "The song is a little bit of a departure from what the world is used to hearing from us. We had experimented with some new sounds and different ways of writing songs. Technically, when we wrote 'Hear Me Now,' it was about what various people in the band were going through at the moment. It could mean something different to everyone because we have so many writers on each song. Everyone wrote his own part and based it on what he was going through in his own life. It's a deep song. It's about someone going through some tough times, getting dragged through the dirt, and where you come out in the end. It's like taking a look at yourself and realizing what you've been through. Everyone's been through some hard s--t recently. I feel that song reflects on that. Anyone can connect to it."

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  • Aaron Gilbert from Cedar Rapids I deeply connect to this I put the song "here me now" on repeat all day every day I've been through a lot of tragedy in life and songs like this help me get through it and help me see the light at the end of that tunnel so thank you Hollywood Undead you have helped me with my depression once again when I was in a dark place you pulled me out of it so thank you I wish I could meet you guys and thank you in person one-day #HollywoodUndead #youRock
  • Matt from Palmdale, CaThis hits home for anybody..We all have our own issues but the song hits home. Its how it is today
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