One Pure Thought

Album: Made in the Dark (2008)
Charted: 53


  • Though best known as an Electropop band, this track showed Hot Chip's rockier side. Joe Goddard (vocals, synthesizer and percussion) explained to the Sun newspaper February 1, 2008: "Being a real live band is something we've always tried to do. We've always had live electric guitar and piano as well as drum machines and synthesizers which people associate with dance music. We have small elements which are computer-controlled but very little of it. It's the most fun bit, playing together like a real band, and something we're proud of."
  • Animators/illustrators Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle created the song's animated video. The duo told the Hot Chip website how they got involved in making the promo: "We have known the band for a long time (Bevis is Felix's brother) and we have worked on various things for them - T-shirts, record covers, photographs and so on. They let us know that proposals for a video were being looked at and that we should send in any ideas, so we gave them a rough outline of what we wanted to do and they liked it."

    They were then asked how they came up with their ideas for it. The duo replied: "We listened to the song a lot and let it work on our brains, and we thought about the character of the group and what sort of visual "world" the song evokes - a mix of cartoon-like exuberance, hand-made Africana, and nostalgic futurism - something bright, bold, and slightly off-kilter."


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