Album: Make Up The Breakdown (2002)
Charted: 25
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  • The "Bandages" are used to metaphorically describe the healing of emotional pain.
  • Steve Bays sings this about the mistakes he made, and his differing feelings for a girl: "These bandages cover more than scrapes, cuts and bruises from regrets and mistakes."

    It is obvious that the girl put Steve through emotional turmoil: "Bandages on my legs and my arms from you. Bandages, Bandages, Bandages! Up and down on my legs and my arms from you."

    He wants the girl to know he is over her and that he doesn't think much of her: "Don't worry now, don't worry now, don't worry 'cause it's all under control.... I've been poking a voodoo doll that you do not know I made for you of you let's see what needles do." >>
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  • Carli from Phoenix, AzI think "Elevator" is their best album, I grew up listening to it so much, I know every word to every song. But when I saw Hot Hot Heat in concert, this song became a favorite of myn.
  • Jimmy from Lancaster, Cai love this song, the drum intro rocks. i think this song is about self injury, or i just call cutting or w/e, from the line "These bandages cover more than scrapes, cuts and bruises from regrets and mistakes."
  • Jena from Bonner Springs, KsI believe this song is quite obviously about self-injury, inflicted because of the failed relationship with the significant othet. Only ppl who self-injure (SI) can truly understand.
  • Nick from Solvang, Cathe video to this is rather strange.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaI love Hot Hot Heat, they're awesome. Make Up The Breakdown is their best, and Cairo is the best off of it, and Get In Or Get Out. Bandages is also very, very awesome.
  • Jacquie from Sparks, NvThe video is based on the film 'Brazil,' where the hero's mother goes through the same process of "plastic surgery" in order to look younger.
  • Kaylene from Moore, Orin the video the old ladies are wanting to look younger and prettier so they go to this place these doctors start working on them and stuff like that..i think it cud be about the superficial world of wanting to look perfect
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