Al's Coral

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  • This track opens Howler's World of Joy album and was one of the first songs they wrote for the record. Frontman Jordan Gatesmith told NME: "It's about some s---ty bar I went to in Minneapolis and wrote an anthem for."

    "I 100 percent ripped off 'Jailbreak' by Thin Lizzy," he added. "I was pretty proud of myself. I hope I don't get sued."
  • Gatesmith told Words For Music the story of the song: "Al's Corral is a bar we visited in St. Paul's and it was a super-American dive bar," he said. "I remember just walking in there and seeing motorcycles, leather jackets – and Thin Lizzy was playing on the jukebox. There was this giant American flag with a gun next to it, and it said 'freedom is never free," which blew my mind – it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen."

    "The song sort of has a classic American vibe to it," he added. "We were inspired by Thin Lizzy playing; even if they are a UK band. But in America they've totally got that cock-rock vibe – 'The Boys Are Back In Town' sounds very American to us. We didn't quite rip it off, but we messed around with the song 'Jailbreak' and turned it into our own song – we wanted our own dive bar song."
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