In A Week


  • This gloomy but romantic song finds Hozier singing about two lovers who lie down in the Wicklow hills (the rural area of Ireland where he was raised) with the intention of passing on together.

    They'll find us in a week
    When the cattle show fear
    After the insects have made their claim
    After the foxes have known our taste
    I'd be home with you

    Hozier recalled of his hometown in the countryside during a gig at Boston's Café 939: "Anytime you hear Wicklow Hills, it's usually before or after the words 'a body was found.'"
  • Asked by The Sun if the romantic tunes on his debut album are inspired by anyone in particular, Hozier replied: "The songs are often framed between two people. The time some of them were written I was coming away from my first relationship. I'd never experienced being in love and being loved before. I would have been processing that."


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