by Hrvy

Album: Talk to Ya (2017)
Charted: 73
  • Harvey Leigh Cantwell is an English pop singer who performs under the name of HRVY. Cantwell is also a TV presenter, whose resume includes presenting BBC's Friday Download on CBBC from Series 7 to Series 9.
  • This love-sick song was his first single to reach the UK charts. It was inspired by teen love stories from shows such as Riverdale and The Vampire Diaries. Hrvy explained to Genius:

    "I watch all these kind of shows where it's about love, basically. So I kind of wanted to write about teen love. And something that I do want to go through. I haven't been through heartbreak. I've never been heartbroken, so I kind of want to be heartbroken. So that's why I wrote it. As if I was heartbroken, but I haven't been."


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