I Want A New Drug

Album: Sports (1983)
Charted: 6
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  • The "drug" that Lewis sings about is women. They don't have the side effects most drugs do - dry mouth, red eyes, make your face break out, etc.
  • Lewis sued Ray Parker Jr. for stealing the melody from this song on his hit "Ghostbusters." They settled out of court, but Parker sued Lewis in 2001 after Lewis revealed in a VH1 Behind The Music special that Parker paid him as part of the agreement.
  • This song was one of four US Top 40 hits from the album. The others were "Heart And Soul," "If This Is It," and "Walking On A Thin Line." The hits were released over the course of a year in 1983 and 1984, and led to his biggest hit, "Power Of Love," in 1985.
  • The movie Back To The Future went into production with this as a temporary track until a more suitable song was written, which turned out to be "The Power of Love."
  • Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of this song titled "I Want A New Duck." When Al appeared in a parody of American Psycho, he is killed by Huey Lewis, who exclaims: "try parodying one of my songs now, you stupid bastard." >>
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  • Lauren from ChicagoAllison Colla, you probably won't see this but I just met your dad backstage when I went to see HLN play this past weekend in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and he was just so kind and wonderful. I let him know that listening to his music growing up was what made me decide to learn the sax, and he was so gracious. And fun! Please tell him I think the world of him and really enjoyed meeting him. And tell him I'm sorry my friend Jamie kept asking him weird questions and hugging on him! Lol! Take care, Lauren from Chicago :)
  • Frank Schnyder from Los AngelesHuey Lewis and the News performed this song on SNL, being the only musical guest ever to introduce all the band members during the performance. The song was used for that purpose in their live set at the time.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn January 8th 1984, "I Want a New Drug" by Huey Lewis & the News entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #68; and ten weeks later on March 18th, 1984 it peaked at #6 for two weeks...
    And on April 8th, 1984 it reached #1 {for 1 week} on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart...
    Between 1982 and 1994 the group had twenty-one Top 100 records; twelve made the Top 10* with three reaching #1; "The Power of Love" in 1985, "Stuck with You" in 1986, and "Jacob's Latter" in 1987...
    * They just missed having a thirteenth Top 10 record when "Couple Days Off" peaked at #11 {for 2 weeks} in 1991.
  • Marc from -, MdInterview with/photos of the girl in this video (and also in "Heart and Soul," with a lot more screen time): http://noblemania.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-girl-in-video-heart-and-soul-1983.html
  • John from San Francisco, CaDoes anyone know who the actress that rides the bike, then she is seen on a boat and the last time front row of a concert and Huey sings to her. Thanks for the assist
  • Amara from Victorille, CaNever really been into Huey Lewis and the News, but this song does have an awesome beat to it.
  • Adam from Boulder Creek, CaI heard this on KFOX today(I don't know if this has ALREADY been posted) but at the end the song has a Riff as a Standoff to Jimmy Hendrix...It has the riff of Purple Haze at the end..so Hmm..did Huey STEAL ANOTHER SONG?
  • Dean from Louisville, KyThis songs chords structure is A-G/D-C/Resolve on E. It is Mony Mony by Tommy James. Also Gimme Gimme Good Loving by Crazy Elephant. I think that it's very familiar sound caused it to be such a big hit. Hum "Mony Mony" to it and you'll hear/see what I mean. Maybe Tommy James should have sued both Huey and Ray? :)
  • Robert from Houston, TxAs a sax player I love this song for its total but especially the sax part. I guess that's probably a big part of why I like Huey so much. The horns.
    Allison, I love your dad's work with Huey. I found this site while looking for some sheet music for the sax part in this song. I'm waaay to much of an amatuer to figure it out on my own.
    Can you point me somewhere?

  • Sugar Boy from Dallas, TxI think this song is about a natural intoxication between 2 people that drugs or alchohol cannot even touch! A chemical reaction in the brain that feels so unbelievably good brought on by wave upon wave of emotional intimacy and connection. Warning: This kind of high is very addictive and may lead to actually becoming addicted to that person and the constant need to be alone with them. In some rare cases this intoxicating high shared between 2 people can last for a lifetime and not lose one ounce of its addictive powers. Maybe some people are just lucky like that...
  • Michelle from Anaheim, CaIn Saturday Night Live:The Best of Will Ferrel, Will and an other woman sang this song at an assembly for drug awareness at a school, along with others.
  • Ace from Greensboro, NcI believe the song that plays on Marty's alarm clock in the movie "Back To The Future" is not "I Want A New Drug" but is another Huey Lewis song called "Back In Time" which was also recorded specifically for the movie.
  • Rodney from Mountain Home, ArHuey,
    You had every right to sue for the stealing of your song. All musicians borrow from other musicians, but this was way too obvious.
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThis is just another variation of the "love is a drug" theme used over and over again. A good example is Diana Ross' "Sweetest Hangover" and Robert Palmer's "Addicted To Love".

  • Allison from Kentfield, CaMy dad is Johnny Colla, the sax player/vocalist and huey's right hand man. The song, I Want A New Drug, is referring to the feeling he has when he's with his lover. That feeling of excitement and lust and love- which has no side effects!

    -Allison Colla
  • Elihu from Toronto, CanadaWeird Al parodied this song as "I Want A New Duck".
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