I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked

Album: Fortress Round My Heart (2008)
Charted: 13


  • Ida Maria said of this song on her record company's website: "I hoped that song was going to be for the alternative kids while I wrote it. I wanted to see how catchy I could make all the songs. I hadn't really grown up on anything but rock music, so I tried to see if I could do that."
  • The track uses as its hook a sing-along nursery rhyme type tune. Maria explained: "I used the simplest kind of melody to get my message across, so that people would sing the words out loud, and then maybe discover the message later."
  • Maria explained the song's lyrics: "It's very much a shout-out to all those who objectify women. I wanted to turn it around and make the male body an object. I think I succeeded and I'm very happy about this."

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  • V-starr from ??????, Mimy friend got me hooked on this song. it's so catchy.
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