Imagine Dragons

Dan ReynoldsVocals2008-
Wayne SermonGuitar2009-
Ben McKeeBass2009-
Daniel PlatzmanDrums2009-
Andrew TolmanDrums2008-2011
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  • Imagine Dragons' name is an anagram made from the letters of different words. They've made a point of keeping those original words a band secret and none of the members are willing to reveal its unscrambled origin. "We haven't even told our families," Dan Reynolds told "I don't know if they'd forgive us if we broke it right now. We'd have to have a big meeting with all of the guys to see if they wanted to do it."

    "At this point, it's been built up so much that anything we say is going to be a letdown," added Wayne Sermon "We might just leave it up to everyone's imaginations. They probably have better guesses than the real answer."
  • Every band member except vocalist Dan Reynolds attended Boston's prestigious Berklee College of Music.
  • Reynolds recalled the band's origins to Q magazine: "We started by playing our own songs and covers of the Stones and The Cure in Vegas casinos. We had years to wrap our heads around how to meld together the raw sounds of a rock band with beats, hip-hop and rhythmic music."
  • Dan Reynolds married Aja Volkman, who is the lead singer of the band Nico Vega on March 5, 2011, On April 26, 2018, Reynolds announced that after just over seven years of being married, he and Volkman would be getting a divorce.
  • Reynolds has struggled most of his life with depression plus ADD and anxiety issues. He wrote Imagine Dragons' first single "It's Time" in his kitchen as he dealt with a bout of depression. "I was dropping out of college, making some changes, and it wasn't the peak of my life," Reynolds told Billboard magazine. "I was just trying to write a song for myself. I've struggled with depression and anxiety, and the song spurred from that. Whoever connects to it, I'm happy."
  • Imagine Dragons' second single "Radioactive" had a slow climb on the Hot 100 but stuck around for 87 weeks, overtaking Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" longevity record of 76 weeks on the chart.
  • Night Visions was the most streamed album in 2013 in the States on the Spotify subscription service.
  • Dan Reynolds is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He worked full-time as a missionary in Nebraska between the ages of 19 and 21.
  • Neon Tress bassist Branden Campbell grew up near the Reynolds family. "He was just a kid making videotapes with his brothers," he recalled to Billboard magazine of Dan and his siblings. "It was a very creative family. They would deflate a soccer ball, cut it in half and put it on their heads."
  • Dan Reynolds' daughter Arrow is named after Harry Nilsson's "Me and my Arrow." The song is from The Point!, a concept album about a boy named Oblio, the only round-headed person in the Pointed Village, and his dog Arrow.
  • Guitarist Daniel Wayne Sermon suffers from chronic insomnia.
  • Rather than partying after shows, Dan Reynolds works out with a sweaty exercise program. He told Q magazine: "My body's a racehorse. If I'm not moving I get emotional."
  • When "Believer" tallied its 52nd week on the Hot 100 fated February 10, 2018, Imagine Dragons became the first act to log three songs that each spent at least a year on the chart. The other two were:

    "Radioactive" (87 weeks in 2012-14)

    "Demons" (62 weeks 2013-14)
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