Dance With The Devil

Album: Revolutionary Vol. 1 (2001)


  • Whether this story is true or not is debatable, but Immortal Technique claims it is. Either way, this song is profound and thought provoking, as Immortal Technique raps about a guy who joins a gang that has him attack and rape a woman for initiation. When he finally looks at her face, he realized it's his mother and he kills himself. At the end of the song, we learn that Immortal Technique was a member of the gang that was there. >>
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    James - Tucson, AZ

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  • Shalom Chukwuka from Nigeria I've never a song more thought provoking as this... I fell for the lyrics. Truly we never know how far we've gone dancing with the devil until we fall into absolute decadence. It sends quite a message to everyone; Sometimes in life, our dance with the devil backfires on us and we end up hurting ourselves or someone dear to us or we remain hunted for life.
  • Mon from SwedenSampling is from the theme from Love story ( well known movie from 1970 if I remember it right)
  • Ediie R.casillasawesome lyrics ,superb, what is the beat original name?
  • Drake from NigeriaI love this
  • 673 Little Street from Nowhere so we are just gunna let immortal technique get away with admitting to be present during this ?? like somehow hes the hero..
  • Billie from BulgariaAm I the only one hearing The Great Gig In The Sky between verses?
  • Kelli from Amarillo, TexasThis has to be the most profound song I've heard ever in my life!!! I'm a 52 year old white lady and the song was absolute genius!!!! WOW!!! How crazy! What a deep, deep song. How talented is this guy!!! Genius!!! Haven't a had a song touch me mentally , emotionally, physically or intellectually on such a .......strange level as this one has. I was enthralled to say the least!!!
  • Nate from New York, NyI actually don't like rap but this song is amazing.
  • Tyrone from Muswellbrook, Australiaimmortal technique is a lord
  • Maggie from Baldwin Park, CaI love this song,.Speechless everytime I listen to it.
  • Azar from Staten Island, NyImmortal Technique has already said that he did not really rape thos women but has said the story is true because this happens with gangs in America EVERYDAY!
  • Liam from San Juan, Puerto Ricoif u have herd all songs by immortal technique there all depressing.why thought? why do they do this can any1 ask?but every1 must know that immortal technique always tell the real thing so yea
  • Aaron from Altadena, CaImmortal Technique is q profound artist that has matured through out his career, yet still holds a tight grasp to reality and real human anguish.
  • Jack from Cleveland, OhThe NYPD contacted this artist about the content of the song because it resembled an actual crime.
  • Adam from South Pasadena, Israelimmortal technique>god
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