Filtered Truth

Album: Siren Charms (2014)


  • This was one of two songs on Siren Charms that In Flames had to labor over to get the arrangements right. (The other one was the title track). Guitarist Björn Gelotte explained to Artist Direct: "It was a sort of a bitch to get it right because it came in so many shapes and forms. We had an extremely hard intro. We thought, 'Maybe that's too much and we should strip it all away?' Then, we came down to this and that, thinking we should do an acoustic start. It was a big struggle."

    "All of a sudden, when everything came into place, the vocals just flew in there," he continued. "It was effortless as soon as we got the arrangements right. It's a cool thing. It's a sing-a-long without being cheesy. It sums up the album. It's got a nice little solo I'm happy with."
  • The guitar solo has a repeating phrase that becomes almost like one of the riffs in the song. Gelotte told "It's important if you're gonna put time and effort into a solo, it needs to be something that stands out. If it sounds very posh or cliché, it's not my point. If you're gonna have a solo in a song, make sure it counts. Putting a solo in there because you're lazy or don't have enough lyrics, it's the wrong way to do it I think. In that case it's better to do what the punk rockers did just don't have solos in that case. It needs to say something I think is very important."


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